There are two types of drivers in this world – those who fill up their car with gas when it’s still half full and those who wait until the level is so low that their dashboard light goes on… and then they guess how many more miles they can get before running out of fuel!
I’d love to say I’m in the first group, but…I have always tried to make the gas last as long as possible before going to a station. It’s such a hassle filling up that I always leave it to the very last minute.
Only once have I literally run out of gas. It was not my finest moment and I was fortunate that my friend Sammy was willing to come to my rescue. Otherwise, I would have had to go for a long walk!
So now, I try to fill up the car whenever it approaches half a tank.  That way I know I will not risk “running out” again.
Sometimes we can have the same attitude about filling up our car as we do with filling up on God. There can be times when we wait until we are completely empty and drained before we go to God for refreshment. We use up all our resources trying to get by for as long as we can. We know that going to God would be the best solution, but we hold out, looking for something quicker and easier. In the end, when everything else has failed, we come to God.
When we come to God on a regular basis we find we don’t get completely emptied as quickly or easily.
Touching base with Him regularly gives us a point in the day to be reminded of His faithfulness and goodness. We know this is the best way to be, but every now and then we get lazy or complacent and go back to draining ourselves before relying on God.
When you fill up your car, it’s a good reminder to regularly fill up on God too.