Everyone has a different question about EXPERIENCE, right? What will I experience here? What are their experiences? Do they have experience? Can they use my experience? WILL THIS BE A GOOD EXPERIENCE? At Chevy Chase Baptist Church – we hope it will be a good experience for all who join in. As with anything “experiential” you get out of it what you put in. We want to find the best in you – we hope you bring out the best in us!

Here’s what you WILL experience when you enter CCBC. Our sanctuary is a comfortable juxtaposition of a traditional church and a contemporary setting for worshiping God. We are a relaxed family of believers from all types of religious and nonreligious backgrounds. We are thankful for our spiritual heritage and honor  those traditions, but we don’t worship them. We just love Jesus.

Our service is not strictly governed by a set pattern or order of worship – though we often have the same flow. We allow Holy Spirit to dictate if things need to happen differently on any given Sunday. Our music is contemporary but not flashy, in the hopes that the congregation will be as much a part of the worship experience as the worship team on the stage. We have a very diverse worship team, and are always open to new members (no auditions – just the right hearts, are required). There are children and youth who participate, as well as seniors.

Our service begins with worship music and then we take time to meet those around us. More than just a handshake usually occurs – this is relationship time! During our community time, we dismiss the children (9 years and younger) to the children’s rooms downstairs and the youth (ages 10 and up) to the Prayer Room. They will spend the remainder of the service hanging, creating and learning. Of course, children are welcome to stay with their parents in the sanctuary – we find that most want to go be with their class. The adults will remain for prayer time, where we can all share each other’s burdens, offertory and a topical sermon.

You will find that no matter the preacher – the message is on point and about Jesus. Let’s talk about what we agree on. . . Jesus is Lord! We hope some (or all) of this makes you want to EXPERIENCE Chevy Chase Baptist Church. We’re excited to experiencing who you are!