Founded in 1923 in the historic Avalon theater, Chevy Chase was a vibrant church community. Through the late 20th Century a decline caused them to nearly close. Chevy Chase Baptist Church was restarted in 1997, committed to the belief that a church must be kingdom-minded and help the communities in which they are planted and yet be mission-minded in outreach, as well. 

The new vision was focused on CCBC having a purpose that lies in being Jesus’ hands, feet, voice and heart wherever we go. Having a duty to reach out to the less fortunate – locally and globally. And having an obligation to lead in our community by example. The vision was for an all-inclusive approach to being the church: we help everyone regardless – Jesus did the same. We accept the fact that we, too, may someday require assistance in our time of need.

(Pictured) Freshours in 1998 (l-r) Lucy, Maureen, Max, David and Isaac.