“But I, by your great love, can come into your house; in reverence I bow down toward your holy temple.” (Psalm‬ ‭5:7‬)‬‬

Activity Trackers have become all the rage. There are different types and brands but it’s quite common to see someone with a watch-like band around their wrist, counting their every step.

10,000 steps is the recommended goal for an average adult. To consistently move around that much each day helps keep you fit and active.

The Activity Tracker refreshes every day. You can’t take 20,000 steps on one day and then just do nothing the next day. The idea is to continually and consistently be active.

When the psalmist writes in Psalm 5, he talks about a continual and consistent connection with God.

It’s great to spend lots of time with God on one day, but to have the healthiest spiritual relationship it’s best if we spend some time with Him every day.

When the psalm mentions we “can come into your house” they weren’t just talking about on Sunday, but referring to each new day.

Our physical health is important…but so is our spiritual health. If you were to wear a spiritual tracker, how do you think you would rate?

Let’s keep focussing on God every single day.