“He desecrated Topheth, which was in the Valley of Ben Hinnom, so no one could use it to sacrifice their son or daughter in the fire to Molek.” ‭‭ (2 Kings‬ ‭23:10‬)

Maureen and I are currently trying a new eating plan. We’ve decided to begin eating vegan (no meat, eggs, dairy, etc…). Yikes!

To make our lives a little easier, we have removed all non-vegan items from our refrigerator/pantry (except for the foods our son enjoys). Usually there is a block of cheese and a gallon of milk on the top shelf (which are my favorites), so we have removed them.

This is so, when our motivation is waning, we don’t have easy access to these “tempting goodies”. By removing them we are reducing our chance of falling back into old habits.

This certainly helps a lot when we are at home, but we can never remove all the “off limit” foods that may come across our paths. These items are often at work, parties or when eating at restaurants.

It helps to remove the temptation, but we still need to have the determination to hold our ground when something tempting arises.

In the time of 2 Kings, it seems there were some bad habits the people were struggling to break too. While devouring a whole block of cheese is not great for me, the habit of the people in 2 Kings 23 was to worship other gods.

The good King Josiah wanted to follow God with all his heart and soul, so he removed all the worship places dedicated to other gods. This helped the people rely on the one true God and to prioritize their worship of Him.

However, even with a powerful King, the temptation was not fully taken away. As soon as Josiah passed away, the new king brought the other gods back in and the people were taken in by temptation.

We all have things that tempt us in the wrong direction. It’s good to remove them as much as possible, but the truth is they will often rear their heads again and again.

We need to be like King Josiah who was dedicated in making God the only One for him to worship. Yes, remove temptation but don’t get lazy thinking you won’t find something else that appeals to you.

Following God is not one moment in time; it is a lifetime of choosing Him above all else.